Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Two more excellent marathon related websites . . .

I've known of www.marathonguide.com for sometime now.  It has a great calendar feature, you can read people's reviews of races, etc.  

The other day I learned of another website that was so good I feel I must share it . . . www.findmymarathon.com .  What I like the most is that this site gives a PR and Course score for each race.  The course score pretty much involves how "easy" the course is (higher if course is net downhill, for example).  The PR score sort of deals with "ease" as well.  For example, if you ran a certain time at Boston, the PR score tells you what you're expected time would be at a different marathon.

Now that it's been a little bit of time since my marathon snafu I have decided to run another marathon to try to BQ yet again.  Granted, not until Spring of 2015.  Using these two sites I feel pretty confident that I've found a race that will help me achieve my goal.  I had actually learned of the race through a friend of mine who BQ'd there this year and had nothing but rave reviews of the race.  Yet somehow seeing it be so well rated on both websites make me feel more confident in my choice.

So now on to the goal of surviving running through the Summer (it's not even 6 a here and the heat index is already at 81F) so that I can be ready to start training again once the weather cools back down.